What this site is about

SimplyTorah is a no-frills website dedicated to delivering nice-looking, easy to read, and easy to learn courses on interesting topics in Judaism.

This site was started to scratch a personal itch: In theory I liked learning Torah, but in practice I found myself “not having enough time”. I decided to create this site so I would be able to learn a little bit (< 10 minutes) everyday, over time covering a tremendous amount of ground and completing a lot of topics, culminating into a much deeper understanding of Judaism and ultimately a closer connection to Hashem.

I really don’t have a specific ideology on what I post here, as long as it falls into the confines of Orthodox Judaism. If there are a lot of Dati Leumi courses, that is simply because the websites whose content I found interesting gave me permission to reuse their content. I’m happy to post any other topics as well, simply send me an email with a brief overview.

Get involved

I don’t need money, as operating expenses include hosting ($100/year) and a Mailchimp subscription ($180/year) which I don’t mind covering myself. I do however need help adding more courses. If you have some time and would like to contribute, send me an email and we’ll set something up.
I’d also like as much feedback as possible, as the more people get involved, the more everyone wins.

Contact me

Email: meir [at] simplytorah.com