The Weekly Sabbath, Shabbat

The Sabbath is one of the most misunderstood topics in all of Scripture. Discover exciting and foundational truths surrounding the seventh day and learn how the weekly Sabbath serves as a invitation for mankind to enter into fellowship and intimacy with its Creator.

/ August 1, 2016

Meet Paul – Pharisee, Teacher, Apostle

The apostle Paul is probably one of the most misunderstood people in all of Scripture. His ideas, teaching, and mission have been twisted by men and institutions alike for centuries. Learn the surprising truth about this polarizing figure and his controversial message today.

/ July 31, 2016

On This Rock I Will Build My Church

Have you ever wondered what exactly Jesus meant when he told Peter "On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it?" It's a scripture that's been fiercely debated by millions, yet the answer may actually surprise you.

/ July 30, 2016

Shama (שָׁמַע) – Obedience is Hearing

The word in Hebrew for obedience is the word – shama. This word carries with it the meaning of hearing and obeying. Obedience is our only sure measure of successful listening. Learn more about the fascinating relationship between hearing and obeying.

/ July 29, 2016

Why Context, Gentiles, and Torah Matter

What was at the heart of the many struggles the early believers faced? What were the core issue they were trying to resolve? Was God doing something totally new in their day? In this 3-part series by Matt Rosenberg, learn the answers to these questions and many more.

/ July 22, 2016

Supersessionism, Fulfillment and Replacement Theology

Supersessionism and fulfillment or replacement theology is teaching or understanding which replaces national Israel with the church as the center and final recipient of God's promise, divine favor, and covenantal plans. Watch this video to uncover this great error.

/ July 21, 2016

What Does the Bible Say Happens To Us When We Die?

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/ March 12, 2016

Two Tabernacles – Moses’ and David’s

For forty-years, there were two tabernacles on the earth—the tabernacle of Moses in Gibeon, and the tabernacle of David in Zion. What emerged was a vivid picture of God's presence dwelling unveiled amongst His people. Learn how He is restoring this tabernacle of David in our day.

/ March 11, 2016